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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
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VR Spa

About VR Spa

VR Spa is a series of interactive VR art installations that explore relaxing and meditative experiences that blend elements of the physical and virtual worlds, in the concept of a virtual spa.

Two of the current experiences on menu:
VR Spa:Massage, an experience which combines the sensation of touch with a surreal but soothing environment.

VR Spa:Leafblower, an interactive meditation on suburbia, exploring the hyper reality of using a leaf blower.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The vision is to explore what is possible to create in VR, in the format that is most accessible to a wide variety of audiences currently (installations), that focuses on deep, rich, but relaxed feelings combined with a spirit of playfulness and invitation.



Developer Info

Seanna Musgrave - Programming
Matt Henderson - 3d Modeling
Eran Haas - 3d Modeling
Damon Pidhajecky - Programming
Dave Mosier
Michelle McKay - 3d Modeling
Gary Tyler
Michael Green - 3d Modeling
Chuck Copenspire
Sonya Neunzert - 3d Modeling
Stephanie A. Mednoza - 3d Modeling

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