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Who Lurks

About Who Lurks

Who Lurks is a deception based party game. Designed to bring the interactive board game experience to your mobile device. Play socially with three to six friends on a single device with no internet access required! For the times where you don't have friends around, a solo mode is offered.

We're targeting local multiplayer and board/card game players, especially deception based boardgamers. Our second demographic is for casual players that want to experience a deception party game on the go.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Our inspiration behind Who Lurks is that we wanted to bring that traditional social game experience that board games offer to mobile. There are few mobile games that can offer us a true local multiplayer game. We always have our phones and tablets with us, so why not transfer that board game experience there! That is the main reason we designed this to be played on a single device. To be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

Who Lurks offers a unique bluffing and cooperative experience, depending on whichever team you're on. You and your friends play as the crew members of AE Hybrid spaceship, humanity's last hope after the destruction of Earth to find a new planet to call home. The game randomly assigns you a role and a race (Human or Alien).

We went with a minimalist sci-fi look, inspired by Destiny.


Developer Info

Core Team members:
Fakhra AlMansouri - Game Director
Ali Hassan - Lead Programmer
Luke McIntosh - Programmer

José Teixeira - Programmer
Tareq Monther - Icons Artist
Ameera - Background Artist
Ousama - Characters Artist

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