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Zombies Shall Not Pass!

About Zombies Shall Not Pass!

The world is over, and it’s too late to be a survivor…
You’ve already gotten infected!

Actually that feels great!
Let's party! Dancing, hopping, ambush survivors and eat brains!

Hope you enjoy it!

In Zombies Shall Not Pass, you’re a zombie leader conquering a survivors’ shelter. Ambush survivors and eat brains with your shambling hordes.

Developer's Artistic Statement

As a student game, Wengu Hu tried to establish a simulator about classic zombie films, but in this game you actually become the zombie! Using the ability of Leap Motion Controller, the player can cast their hands into the virtual reality world to significantly enhance the experience of the simulator; and play this game with "real-life" zombie poses.Music and art are creating the hilarious sense to make this idea even much more fun.

According to his personal experience, games are a medium of beauty. Unlike most artworks, they are literally playable and can be touched. Programming is their structure, their skeleton; art design is their flesh and blood; music and sound their atmosphere; and in the end, the game designer endows them with soul; not a single element can be excluded.He convey his feelings and views through his games. Interactive media art is not just human-computer interaction; it is communication between designer and player (artist and audience).



Developer Info

Game Design/Art/Programming/Music
All by Wengu Hu

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