IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

About Intel

Intel is focused on increasing inclusiveness among players and within gaming content. Intel's initial efforts have focused on bringing together gaming companies and developers to kick off the conversation and form alliances.

Gaming for Everyone Exhibitors

AbleGamers Charity logo

AbleGamers Charity

AbleGamers charity wields the power of gaming to break down barriers for people with disabilities. By granting specialized, custom equipment to people in need, AbleGamers aims to give everyone a chance to get into the game.
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Code Liberation  logo

Code Liberation

We work together with only one simple mission: teach women, nonbinary, femme, and girl-identifying people to program using creativity as a pedagogical approach. Our aim is to reach women that have never considered entering into the field of computer science or who have left it because it is male dominated. Often presented within the current educational system as something that men or boys do, young women, nonbinary, femme, and girl-identifying people are excluded by default. By offering low risk educational opportunities to this population within a safe, non-competitive atmosphere, these marginalized people can be reintroduced to programming as a way to create and understand their world.
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Games for Change logo

Games for Change

Games for Change (G4C) promotes and facilitates the development of games for social impact, which includes learning, civics and health. G4C hosts public arcades, funds game design challenges, workshops, and produces the annual G4C Festival, which highlights games for good and brings together developers, social innovators and funders to further develop the field of impact games. Through our G4C Lab, consult with organizations on social impact game strategies and often pair game developers with cause-related organizations to executive produce games.
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Girls Make Games logo

Girls Make Games

Girls Make Games is a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to encourage girls to explore the world of video games and development.
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LACE Games

LACE stands for Liberation Arts and Community Engagement. These are a series of live, interactive, embodied games designed to move communities and individuals from positions of marginality and objectification towards positions of power and choice.
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XTH, Inc logo

XTH, Inc

XTH Sense is the world's first biocreative instrument and next evolution in sensory expression. The XTH Sense harnesses the power of your body to let you interact with connected devices, musical and video software, games and virtual reality in a highly personalized and engaging way. Using multiple biophysical sensors, the XTH Sense captures various sounds from your body, such as muscles contracting, blood flowing, the heart beating, as well as your motion data and temperature. These sounds and data represent your expressive signature. With the XTH Software Suite you can use your expressive signature to control musical parameters, create digital drawings, interact with game mechanics and play in virtual reality (VR). We call it biocreative interaction.
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Gaming for Everyone Demo Lounge

Art Club Challenge

by Jarryd Huntley

Beautiful Rising: The Game

by Beautiful Rising

Blue Cat

by Simone Castagna


by Courtney Chavez

Liyla and the Shadows of Wae

by Rasheed Abueideh


by Funomena

Magic Circles of Life

by Emilia Yang

We Are Chicago

by Culture Shock Games