Special benefits for stalwart supporters of independent gaming

We're excited to announce the beginning of the IndieCade Membership program. Your ongoing support will help to unshackle IndieCade from the need for corporate sponsorship and allow us to keep bringing you the most creative, unusual and thought-provoking games, without restriction. In return, we've put together an array of benefits, for attendees and for developers. If you plan on submitting games to the festival, consider the 'Submitting Developer' tier.

For larger studios and institutions dedicated to supporting game developers, please consider our higher Patron-level memberships found HERE. To sign up for the Bronze or Silver Patron levels, please contact us directly:

“Supporting IndieCade means we keep getting an important spotlight on rad new creations from fantastic developers.”

— Alex Preson, Hyper Light Drifter

“It’s my great pleasure to support IndieCade through membership. I'll always be grateful to the festival that was my first launch pad as a game developer, and my first introduction to a warm and welcoming community of other developers. IndieCade has always curated a much wider and more exciting variety of games and game-adjacent experiences than any other show I've been to, creating a unique atmosphere that feels both cozy and adventurous.”

— Jason Roberts, Developer of Gorogoa

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