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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
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About MaxPlay

MaxPlay™ is a cross-platform game technology and services company focused on advancing game development tools so that developers can build, publish and operate successful game properties. MaxPlay’s Game Development Suite (GDS) is a cloud-based development platform built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that gives developers the power to collaborate, create, and operate games in unprecedented ways.

MaxPlay Game Development Suite

The MaxPlay™ Game Development Suite (GDS) is built on a cloud-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that provides game development teams with tremendous control of their projects and access to a powerful set of tools and data that dramatically improves productivity, multi-platform development, project management and business intelligence.
The MaxPlay Game Development Suite is the first true real-time collaborative platform that empowers game developers of all disciplines to simultaneously create, iterate, and synch together from anywhere in the world. Instant change preview and deploy to target device dramatically improves productivity for game developers. 

The Game Development Suite’s unique open service-oriented architecture empowers engineers with unparalleled access to code, service modules and data so they can customize & extend tools anyway they wish to the specific needs of projects.

Show & Tell: MaxPlay’s Real-time Collaboration Engine
Anthony Castoro, Hans ten Cate, and Adam Chapman

The MaxPlay team invites you to the first exclusive sneak peak of their Game Development Suite, a real-time team collaboration development platform, recently announced at GamesBeat. Anthony Castoro, Executive Producer and veteran game developer and teammates Hans ten Cate and Adam Chapman will demo an early version of the GDS with distributed team members across the US and share some interesting and surprising insights from the development process.

Anthony Castoro
Executive Producer

Anthony Castoro has redefined what it means to be a leader in the games industry. His astute understanding of the business, natural feel for successful project strategy and infallible commitment to his team has led to many successes for employees and agencies alike. Often heralded as a powerful leader and well-respected mentor, Anthony empowers employees across all levels. As someone who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, he continues to push both himself and his employees to do their best work.

Mr. Castoro's leadership and vision has spanned two decades in the industry at companies such as EA, SOE, and Codemasters. He has shipped products on many platforms including mobile, social, PC and console, co-founded multiple start-ups and raised tens of millions in venture and debt financing. His deep expertise in the industry, matched by his passion to evolve it, makes him an incredible asset to MaxPlay.

Adam Chapman,
Head of Business Development

Adam Chapman is a unique hybrid of strategy, creative, and engineering with twenty years of defining and building cutting edge technology projects for a diverse set of clients and industries; e.g. Microsoft, Verizon, HBO, and Toyota. Adam’s career began on the art and engineering side. His ability to see and define product and brand strategy led to senior positions helming products and teams and co-founding MaxPlay. Dedicated to the technical and abstract, Adam works on the full lifecycle of products from identifying and defining strategy to developing concept through design and build, down to final pixel positions, UX, testing, launch, and in-market refinement. He manages the rare feat of being hands on and aware without micro-managing.

He's taught graduate school at Parson's, shown art at the Smithsonian, and had a Super Bowl commercial promoting a campaign he architected. His left brain/right brain methodology, kind demeanor and ability to get things done has turned him into the trump card of the industry.He’s the kind of person you want to get stuck talking to at a networking event.

Hans ten Cate
Hans ten Cate
Head of Business Development

Hans is an award-winning maker of AAA premium and free-to-play games for PC, console and mobile. A meticulous craftsman, Hans has worn the hats of studio executive, business planner, and creative producer at multiple companies including Electronic Arts and Sony PlayStation.

In the past 15 years, he has been deeply ingrained in all aspects of building and selling video games. Prior to that, he spent nine years consulting with the government, and for-profit aerospace companies, on the commercial use of space. All told, he as over twenty years experience leading large teams and multi-million dollar software and technology projects.

Despite all of that, his colleagues applaud him for his humanity, humility, and expertise on Monty Python. Hans has been heralded as a great leader who drives a team to quality, while also providing a warm and friendly work environment. He may be a multi-hatted video game executive with a celebrated career in several industries and a distinguished academic pedigree, but he also knows the "speed of an unladen swallow."

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Maxplay will be conducting a raffle at IndieCade where we'll be raffling a BB-8 ( from the upcoming Star Wars!!!
We are going to have 3 ways to enter, one time entry only:

  1. Sign-up for MaxPlay Updates (Mailing List) at our booth via an ipad
  2. Drop a business card in a container at our booth
  3. Fill out a paper form with name & contact info and drop in a container in our booth
  • Raffle Start Date: Friday, 10/23 @ 12noon @ IndieCade Festival Booth
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  • Winner will be chosen on Tuesday, 10/27
  • Winner will be notified on Wednesday, 10/28. We send out a Thank You Email to everyone we met at IndieCade and we announce the winner in that email.

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