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About Tobii

Tobii Tech is a business unit of Tobii (STO: TOBII), the global leader in eye tracking. Tobii Tech focuses on taking Tobii’s leading eye-tracking technology to high-volume markets including computers, gaming devices, virtual reality, vehicles and medical devices. Its customers integrate Tobii’s eye-tracking technology into various devices and applications and take these products to market under their brand and channel. For more information, please visit

IndieCade Festival 2016 Exhibit

In most gaming scenarios, the immediacy of eye tracking control complements traditional hand controls. You can do more at the same time, which means a richer and more intensive game. Controls can be simplified and are easier to learn.

Games can also respond to the player in a fundamentally different way. Characters’ behavior is influenced by eye contact just like in real life. A shy person might look away. Or someone might become upset if you stare at him too long. The possibilities are unlimited. Hide. Be seen. Look around corners. Aim your weapon where you look. All made possible with eye tracking. Games become deeply immersive, faster and more intense.

Even better? We’ve established a $1 Million cash and marketing package to support the development of whatever you can dream up for your next game, we’re calling it the ‘Boost to the Big Time’. Here you can redefine what is considered true immersion and stand out from the rest of the pack.

Check us out and let us collaborate!