Flipping the Bird!: How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the E-scooter (and Other Disruptive Transit)

A KCRW/DnA x IndieCade design jam on e-Scooters and the future of mobility

Saturday October 13th, from 12-2 pm, in classrooms 216 at the Center for Media and Design

Dockless e-scooters have presented the biggest disruption to transportation since ridesharing.

Yet they also have huge potential -- to resolve the first mile, last mile challenge; to transport people to work and school; and to bring the fun back into mobility that has diminished as traffic congestion has grown.

Many cities have been resistant to e-scooters. What would urban life look like if they were fully embraced?

And how about the other disruptors?

While dockless e-scooters are the most recent and provocative of the tech-driven, private sector transportation solutions to enter the civic realm, others are barreling towards us -- think heli-taxis, drones, autonomous vehicles and maybe even the hyperloop.

How will these transit innovations change our lives and the form of the city?

We’ll find out when KCRW/DnA teams up with USC gaming and city design experts Jeff Watson (Situation Lab) and Jose Sanchez to present a “Think Indie” design jam at Indiecade 2018, the international festival of independent games taking place at Santa Monica College’s Center for Media and Design on October 12 and 13th.

Bring your open minds and tap into the imaginative potential of games, experiences and built environments -- to think big about how e-scooters and other new mobility solutions can transform our lives and our cities.

“Flipping The Bird” design jam takes place Saturday October 13th, from 12-2 pm, in classrooms 216 at the Center for Media and Design.

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