What is the IndieXchange?

IndieXchange (IXC) is a day-long, invitation-only, pre-Festival developer summit that takes place in the Los Angeles area and consists of opportunities to showcase games, network, and attend practical developer-focused workshops with fellow game creators. Additionally, one-on-one meetings are arranged between developers who have submitted their games to IndieCade and a variety of different indie studios and Platforms who are interested in establishing a relationship with developers.

All entries submitted by developers to IndieCade, who indicate interest in IXC on their application, are eligible to be included in this event. Examples of workshops and panels from the past years include hands-on legal and public relations clinics, technology sessions, and meetings with representatives from IndieCade sponsors such as Oculus, PlayStation, Nintendo of America, Microsoft, Google, and more. For more information, refer to the IndieXchange section of the website closer to the IndieCade Festival.

When is the IndieXchange?

The IndieXchange is traditionally held on the day before IndieCade Festival begins. It serves as a pre-Festival summit with IndieCade Festival formally beginning the next day.

Can anyone get into IndieXchange?

All developers who submit to IndieCade and indicate interest in IXC are eligible to attend, however, reservations are required. All funders and sponsors are invited by special arrangement with IndieCade.

Does the IndieXchange cost money?

Developers who have submitted to IndieCade are able to attend the event free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each applicant team receives at least two passes, with a potential for more if space is available.

What is the benefit of participating in IndieXchange?

The IndieXchange provides a unique opportunity for attendees to develop practical skills that will help them improve, showcase, and pitch their projects. It also allows developers to connect with key players in the industry and the arts while putting them face-to-face with Platform representatives, mentors, and advisors. Even if you aren't interested in the IXC for your current project, or already have secured a publishing deal, this is a prime opportunity for building long-term relationships that may benefit your future work.

I am not really a mainstream indie developer should I attend the IndieXchange?

The goal of the IndieXchange is to be relevant to the wide range of game developers who create independent work and submit to IndieCade. It is by drawing this diverse group together that we actively work to create programming, networking, showcases, discussion groups, workshops, meetings, and resources that are helpful and meaningful. We are also open to input from the community.

How do I submit a talk to IndieCade?

IndieCade accepts talks from submitting developers. Talk submissions are primarily considered for our GameU and IndieXchange tracks at the Festival but will also be recommended to other events if they are a good fit. Talk submissions are due by April 30th. Should you wish to submit a talk for consideration, please do so with THIS FORM.

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