Whether you're new to IndieCade or coming back for your 4th year, we'd like to know more about you. Our goal is to collect some general information about you, our volunteers, in order to make placement more efficient, volunteering more fulfilling and the festival more fun. We won't contact you without your permission and all this information will remain private.

We accept new volunteers for the IndieCade Festival (October in Los Angeles), IndieCade East (Spring in NYC), and IndieCade Europe (Fall in Paris, France) based on position availability. We reserve volunteer positions at E3 for previous volunteers who have worked with us in the past, as the slots are more limited.

To get an idea of what's expected of volunteers, check out our volunteer handbook. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at volunteer@indiecade.com

To sign up to volunteer for IndieCade Festival or IndieCade East go HERE.

To sign up to volunteer for IndieCade Europe go HERE.

Become an IndieCade Volunteer!

Reach out to  volunteer@indiecade.com to find out how!

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