Tom Ackerman

BlindFold is an area control party game that you play on a standard sheet of paper. Players take turns writing their chosen word on the paper and also manipulating the sheet (through folding, unfolding, flipping, and tearing it) to ensure that only their words are face up and fully visible during scoring. The catch however, is that players must take their turns while blindfolded! Of course this always leads to players failing to write their word legibly, or accidentally folding over or tearing off their own words which could score them points!

Before the game begins, each player selects/invents the four letter word which they will be writing for the rest of the game (naughty words are only discouraged if you are playing the game with children). A number of action cards are dealt face up in the center. These action cards dictate what action you can do to the paper and also what shape you must draw around your word when you write it. On their turn, the active player selects a action card from those available, then dons their blindfold and, in any order, executes their paper action and writes their word/shape combo. In the action deck are three SCORE cards. Whenever one is revealed, the whole round of play is a scoring round, meaning at the end of each player’s turn, every player will score one point for each complete word/shape combo that they have face-up on the paper. Bonus points are awarded if a player has matching shapes among their scoring plays. The game ends after the third scoring round, the winner is the player with the most points!

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