Ministry of Broadcast

Petr Skornok, Petr Melicherik, Dusan Cezek, Sanja Cezek

Ministry of Broadcast is shortly described as Orwellian Prince of Persia. It's narrative driven 2D cinematic platformer with the story set in in a country which has been divided by THE WALL and the only way how to cross the borders to the other side is to win in a TV reality show organised by the regime.

Gameplay mechanics and the story are addressing themes like groupthink, obedience to authority or fake news. They are based on the interactions between the elements and characters in the game and the main character is the driving force behind these interactions.

Among other inspirations it's important to mention Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus for it's humour and UI, Another World and Flashback for the gameplay mechanics and controls and also INSIDE which addressed some of the groupthink themes.

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