Pixel Ripped 1989

Pixel Ripped Inc.

Get ready to relive the early days of gaming in “Pixel Ripped 1989”, a wacky, retro, multidimensional virtual reality adventure that takes you on a journey through the screen of an 8-bit video game and beyond. Help our hero Dot and her pixelated friends save the world by facing classic 1980s gaming challenges through the skilled hands of 2nd-grade student Nicola, as she plays her favorite game in class. But watch out - the edges of the console screen will not stop the evil Cyblin Lord!

A game within a game, Pixel Ripped is original, fun and packed full of surprises that will keep you guessing along the way. From the floor of 1970’s living room where you will be playing the first home gaming console, all the way up to the turn of the millennium. You’ll be treated to 2D sprites of the 70s to the bright and colourful 3D graphics of the 90s, Pixel Ripped truly is a nostalgic and mad trip down memory lane.

Geek out searching for hidden retro-easter eggs as you fight the mundane distractions of life so that you can get down to what’s most important – gaming!


Pixel Ripped Inc. Core Team
Pixel Ripped Creator & Game Director - Ana Ribeiro
Programmer - Leonardo Batelli
Programmer - Lucas Assis Ribeiro
Pixel Artist - William Rodriguez
PR / Marketing - Jesús Fabre, Elizabeth Olson and Job Stauffer Team ARVORE
ARVORE COO & co-founder - Rodrigo Terra
ARVORE CIO & co-founder - Edouard de Montmort
ARVORE CEO & co-founder - Ricardo Justus (@ricardojustus)
ARVORE CTO - Carlo Caputo (@zed9h)
Game Designer - Ana Ribeiro
Programmer - Carlo Caputo
Programmer - Fabio Doná
Programmer - Ivan Garcia
3D/2D Animator - Julia Lemos
Lead Concept Artist - Galdino Sá
Concept Artist - Rodrigo Blanco
Game Designer - Pedro Câmara (@biggerboo)
Client Relations and Business Dev. - Daniela Herscovici
Event PR and Producer - Mônica Ravaioli
Narrative Designer - Ricardo Laganaro

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