Puppet Pandemonium

Terence Tolman, Nicky Breshon, Dustin Harris, Simon Manning, Kathleen Kamali

Puppet Pandemonium is the Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2018 Award winning alternative controller game that combines a live puppet show performance with a video game. Players can perform as puppets Bleep and Bloop or participate in a button-mashing audience support role. The game combines live theater, performance, adorable mini games and narrative into a delightful 8 minute, 7 player co-op theater experience!

Terence Tolman - Creative Director / Lead Game Designer / Game Artist
Nicky Breshon - Game Designer / Lead Programmer
Dustin Harris - Programmer / Electrical Engineer / Game Designer
Simon Manning - Structural Engineer / Game designer
Kathleen Kamali - Game Designer / Programmer

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