Spy EYE (Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House)

The Marino Family

SPY EYE is the fourth in a series of storygames from Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House.  In this choice-based game, built on Undum, players take the role of either Juan or Ichel, two siblings in fostercare who live in the Tangerine House.  When their LifeBook is stolen by the evil Voodoo Dude, the kids lose their one photo of their parents. To get them back, they find themselves in the middle of a spy adventure with their birthmom and dad that takes them out into Los Angeles and into Mexico.  

These stories are designed to engage students in rich emotional moments of decision. This game offers spy gadgets, jetpacks, and flying beds, on which players can explore Los Angeles neighborhoods, while trying to aid their birth parents. Celebrating the joy of reading, the stories offer points for readers who explore more and especially those who discover the poems hidden throughout the text. We make these as a forever family (adoptive family) to help spread awareness of foster care in story form.

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