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IndieCade Anywhere & Everywhere Festival 2022
Participating Nominees



2022 Festival Nominee for the Narrative Award

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home, while telling the life story of a woman through the items she owns.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees


2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a hopeful game about the beauty of wilderness and the destructive force of human civilization.

The Last Clockwinder


2022 Festival Nominee for the Performance Award

Use a pair of gloves to turn any of your own actions into a looping clockwork automaton, then make an interconnected system of automatons to grow plants, harvest resources, and save an ancient tree!



2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

Backbone is a post-noir narrative adventure. As raccoon private eye Howard Lotor, explore a dystopian Vancouver inhabited by animals as you uncover a deeply personal story of change and transformation.

Slender Threads


2022 Festival Nominee for the Performance Award

Slender Threads is a point-and-click thriller adventure where unseen forces bind the fate of an unremarkable traveling salesman to the peculiar town he one day arrives in.

Mini Maker: Make A Thing


2022 Festival Nominee for the Systemic Design Award

In Mini Maker, you can make any ‘thing’! Use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wonky tools, stickers and googly eyes to assemble creations, please demanding clients, and laugh in the face of perfectionism.

The Wandering Village


2022 Festival Nominee for the Systemic Design Award

The Wandering Village is a city-building simulation game on the back of a giant, wandering creature. Build your settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the colossus.

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time


2022 Festival Nominee for the Performance Award

Inua is a point-and-click narrative game where three protagonists travel to the same locations in the far north decades apart. Explore each era and collect ideas to change the course of history.

Apotheorasis • Lab of the Blind Gods


2022 Festival Nominee for the Audio Design Award

Apotheorasis is an FPS with zero graphics – close your eyes and let the 3D audio immerse you in its dark and twisted narrative, as you run, blast and dodge your way to the truth.

The Fabulous Fear Machine


2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

The Fabulous Fear Machine is a narrative-driven strategy game with a pulp horror style. As the Machine’s new Master, you must sow fear & expand your influence through resource management & espionage.

Ghost on the Shore


2022 Festival Nominee for the Narrative Award

An exploration game about emotional ties that transcend even death. Riley is faced with a headstrong ghost, urging her on an adventure across atmospheric shores, uncovering the island’s tragic secret.



2022 Festival Nominee for the Audio Design Award

Explore mystical islands, make strange new friends, and unlock epic secrets in the atmospheric open world puzzle adventure Akurra!

Night Reverie


2022 Festival Nominee for the Narrative Award

Night Reverie is a Puzzle/Adventure game in which a child must solve the mystery behind the distortion of his house.

Svoboda 1945: Liberation


2022 Festival Nominee for the Impact Award

Talk to witnesses of the chaotic aftermath of World War 2 and discover the secret history of your own family in a captivating story about reconciliation with the dark past.

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator


2022 Festival Nominee for the Systemic Design Award

Buy, sell, and trade organs in a strange and evolving universe. Dive into the quivering innards of alien capitalism in the sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn’t know you needed.



2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

IDEA is about discovering and sharing your ideas. Explore gorgeous landscapes captured by drones! Get lost and help your ideas find their way. Share your own thoughts with the world when getting stuck!



2022 Festival Nominee for the Impact Award

Common’hood is a squatter simulation and management game where players craft the means to survive and build a utopian community within an abandoned factory.

Lost in Play


2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

Go on a feel-good adventure with a brother and sister as they explore dreamscapes and befriend magical creatures. Lost in their imagination, Toto and Gal must stick together and solve puzzles to journey back home. This whimsical puzzle adventure game will make you feel like you’re playing a cartoon!

The Wild at Heart


2022 Festival Nominee for the Visual Design Award

A story-rich action-adventure game about childhood escapism. Players battle precarious wildlife and supernatural foes, construct and craft new pathways, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world.

Ambition: A Minuet In Power


2022 Festival Nominee for the Audio Award

You’re a woman of fashion trying to survive the French Revolution. Date a cast of unforgettable characters. Amass wealth, respect, and gossip! Alter the course of history, and escape the guillotine.

Midnight Protocol


2022 Festival Nominee for the Innovation in Interaction Design Award

A tactical narrative-driven RPG with unique keyboard-only controls. Hack into servers, beat security systems and discover encrypted secrets while you try to find answers to why and how you got doxxed.

The Case of the Golden Idol


2022 Festival Nominee for the Narrative Award

A new kind of detective game that allows you to think and investigate freely. Discover clues surrounding 12 strange and gruesome deaths and build your own theory. Pick your suspect, deduce the motive, unmask the awful truth.

Awardee – Member – Alumni Game


Developed by Amanita Design

Humor-filled indie adventure game created by the makers of Machinarium and Samorost.


Developed by Amanita Design

Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost series, Botanicula and CHUCHEL. Help Josef the robot save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang!

Mini Motorways

Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club

Mini Motorways is a strategy simulation game about designing the road map for a growing city. Build a traffic network, one road at a time, to create a bustling metropolis. Redesign your roads and place your motorways to get everyone where they need to go. How long can you keep the city moving?

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Developed by Northway Games

Spend your teenage years on an alien planet in this narrative RPG with card-based battles. Explore, grow up, and fall in love. The choices you make and skills you master over ten years will determine the course of your life and the survival of your colony.

Patrick’s Parabox

Developed by Patrick Traynor

A mind-bending recursive puzzle game about boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to use infinity to your advantage as you explore a deep and elegant system.


Developed by Piece of Cake studios

Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with unique asymmetric gameplay. Play as the stealth Agent in the field or as the virtually-infiltrated Hacker and work together to carry out espionage missions where nothing goes as expected!

You Must be 18 or Older to Enter

Developed by Seemingly Pointless

It’s the 1990s. You’re alone at home, and you heard about the “adult” internet at school. You Must be 18 or Older to Enter blurs several genres together to create an anxious horror experience, one that hits a little too close. How deep will you dive before your parents come home? Do you even like this stuff?

Walden, a game

Developed by USC Game Innovation Lab

Take on Henry David Thoreau’s classic adventure in living simply in nature as you explore this epic open world game based on the story of Thoreau’s life in the woods alone at Walden Pond.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Developed by Vertigo Gaming Inc.

Cook, serve and manage your food truck as you dish out hundreds of different foods across war-torn America in this massive sequel to the million-selling series!

Awardee – Nonmember – Alumni – Alumni Game

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Developed by Fictiorama Studios, BadLand Games Publishing S.L.

New Alumni Game

A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don’t interact with the subjects – anything could happen if you dare feed the monkeys!

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective

Developed by Darjeeling

Adapted from the bestselling children’s book series Pierre The Maze Detective, play as Pierre in this adventure/puzzle game and recover the stolen Maze Stone. Journey through breathtakingly hand-drawn illustrations, meet eccentric characters, and solve puzzles to save Opera City!

Blind Drive

Developed by Lo-Fi People

An audio-based black comedy action arcade game – Blind Drive is a video game you can play with your eyes closed! 1st person hyper-realistic audio adventure meets fast paced arcade gameplay, driven by an insane B-movie plot.

Kind Words (lofi chill beats to write to)

Developed by Popcannibal

A game about writing nice letters to real people. Write and receive encouraging letters in a cozy room. Trade stickers and listen to chill music. We’re all in this together. Sometimes all you need are a few kind words.

Tangle Tower

Developed by SFB Games

Unravel a thrilling mystery by exploring a strange and twisted mansion, discovering curious clues, interrogating peculiar suspects and solving unique puzzles. Will you be able to uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?

Dicey Dungeons

Developed by Terry Cavanagh

Become a giant walking dice, explore dungeons and defy Lady Luck in this dice powered roguelike! Now featuring “Reunion”, a free DLC with six brand-new episodes!


Developed by Joon, Pol, Muutsch, Char & Torfi

Awardee – Nonmember – Alumni

NUTS is a single-player walking simulator surveillance mystery. Record the squirrels, report your findings, and piece together what’s really going on in Melmoth Forest.

Member – New Game From Alumni

No Place for Bravery

Developed by Glitch Factory

Thorn, an old warrior worn down by decades of vim and violence, roams a world undone in search of his lost daughter. Dodge, parry & cleave your way out of brutal clashes in this 2D top-down action RPG, and discover the bone-chilling tale of Thorn’s crusade to make his family whole again.

Frank and Drake

Developed by Appnormals Team

Two extraordinary strangers are brought together as roommates by unknown forces in a conspiracy that threatens them both.

Haven Park

Developed by Fabien Weibel, Bubblebird Studio

Be Flint, who is doing his best to keep his grandma’s park up and running and make it a place for the campers to enjoy. Learn the camper’s wishes and build whatever their hearts desire to attract even more quirky characters and look forward to whimsical conversations and quests.

Ancient Aliens: The Game

Developed by Fifth Column Games

What if aliens helped create Earth’s ancient civilizations? Play as a reluctant alien-human hybrid in this story-driven city building game! Manage resources, manipulate primitive humans, and help promote scientific discovery as you build the colossal pyramids—to uncover the secrets that lie within!

Farewell North

Developed by Kyle Banks

Restore color to the desolate islands of Farewell North, an open world journey where you play as a collie traveling with his owner. Explore land and sea, uncover hidden paths, evade monsters, and free wildlife to bring color back to the world while revealing an emotional story about saying farewell.


Developed by Necrosoft Games

Demonschool is a new-style tactics RPG where motion equals action. Defeat big weirdos in between the human and demon worlds as Faye and her misfit companions, while navigating university life on a mysterious island.

Rubber Brawl

Developed by Piece of Cake madlabs

Roll into a crazy 32-player Brawler Royale of pumped-up tires to be the last one standing. Overcome the laws of physics, perform aerial tricks and knock down tires to survive against the other players! Be a Rubber Brawl legend!

Shumi Come Home

Developed by SomeHumbleOnion

Play as a tiny lil’ mushroom who’s lost in the forest and can’t find its way home. Explore unique areas freely at your own pace, chat with friendly inhabitants, and take on different adventures to get back home!


Developed by Temple Gates Games

This is a game of building a deck of cards. The deck contains your resources, victory points, and the things you can do. It starts out a small collection of Estates and Coppers, but you hope that by the end of the game it will be brimming with Gold, Provinces, and the inhabitants of your kingdom.

Race for the Galaxy

Developed by Temple Gates Games

Explore, Develop, Settle, Trade, Consume, or Produce? Which do you need most? Which of Earth’s former colonies will be most successful at settling the galaxy, now that JumpDrive exists? Who will discover the secrets of the mysteriously vanished Alien Overlords? Your goal: to build the most prosperous and powerful space empire!

Roll for the Galaxy

Developed by Temple Gates Games

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice game of building space empires for 2-5 players. Your dice represent your populace, whom you direct to develop new technologies, settle worlds, and ship goods. The player who best manages their workers and builds the most prosperous empire wins!

Shards of Infinity

Developed by Temple Gates Games

Shards of Infinity is the follow-up to the award winning deckbuilding game, Ascension. Build your armies by recruiting allies and champions from four unique factions. Launch surprise attacks on your foes by instantly deploying mercenaries. Unlock limitless power by mastering the Shard of Infinity.


Developed by Turtle Cream

RP7 is the most minimalist and abstract dungeon crawler RPG. The game will be out in 2023.

Cook Serve Forever

Developed by Vertigo Gaming Inc.

Chop, stir, and sauté your way through this massive new adventure from the makers of the million selling “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” series!

Kitsune Tails

Developed by Kitsune Games

Run, jump, and dash across a land inspired by Japanese mythology and explore the complicated relationships between kitsune and humans in this follow up to Super Bernie World.

Street Shuffle

Developed by MassDigi

Street Shuffle is a strategic card game with a focus on a party member system and combinations of different classes of cards, all set in an urban neighborhood with elements of street performance and hip hop.

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER

Developed by MidBoss, LLC.

Play a psychic detective known as ES88 and chase down a rogue esper who’s hidden themselves in the memories of others. With the help of your psychic abilities and a genetically engineered creature known as a NEURODIVER, you choose the way to take them out, but hurry, these memories are fading fast!

Member – Alumni Game


Developed by Bob De Schutter

A first-person exploration game based on the actual memories of a 92-year-old grandmother, told to players in her own voice. Take pictures of what remains of her abandoned childhood home to uncover the dark, traumatic events that she had to fight through as a teenage girl.

Burly Men at Sea

Developed by Brain&Brain

A branching folktale misadventure about a trio of large, bearded fishermen. Shape a custom tale that begins again where it ends, through waters where lurk creatures from Scandinavian folklore.

Operation: Tango

Developed by Clever Plays

It takes two to save the world in this cooperative spy adventure. Pair up with a friend as Agent or Hacker—with only your voices to connect you—and work together to bring a hi-tech global menace to its knees.

Smile For Me

Developed by Day Lane, Yugo Limbo

A heartbroken clown, wayward souls, and juicy mechanical lips. As “The Big Event” draws near, help the troubled residents of the Habitat and de-mask the mysterious Doctor Habit… before it’s too late.

Mini Metro

Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club

Mini Metro is a strategy simulation game about designing a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your trains running. As new stations open, redraw your lines to keep them efficient. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city moving?

The Black Widow

Developed by Flux

Communicate with the dead using a spirit board to solve an actual murder case in this interactive mystery. Ask your own questions to determine whether “the Black Widow” was truly guilty … or unjustly executed.

Cosmic Trip

Developed by Funktronic Labs

Built exclusively for VR, Cosmic Trip is an award-winning real-time strategy game for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/S, Valve Index and Windows MR headsets. Build a base, command a drone army, and attack/defend hostile enemies on strange alien planets.


Developed by Funktronic Labs

Explore and grow a colorful, whimsical garden in this peaceful, VR adventure. The power to make plants blossom and thrive is literally at your fingertips. Collect critter eggs and seeds to cultivate and bring the garden of your dreams to life.


Developed by Funktronic Labs

Pilot your trusty orange vessel in this quirky sci-fi strategy game that cleverly mixes turn-based and real-time gameplay. Your mission: fix space-time and recover all the scientists lost in the aftermath of the Universe’s Greatest Science Experiment.

Wave Break

Developed by Funktronic Labs

Wave Break is the world’s first skateBOATING game, inspired by arcade skateboarding classics. Grind, grab, kickflip and shoot your way through an explosive 80s crime-filled Miami Vice themed world.

Lost Ember

Developed by Mooneye Studios

Explore the remains of a fallen world from fascinating perspectives! Slip into the role of different animals to uncover the fate of an ancient world. Dive into deep waters, fly at lofty heights, dig underground as a mole or even climb steep cliffs with a mountain goat, there are lots of ways of getting around.

Rollers of the Realm

Developed by Phantom Compass

Bounce, spin, and battle through scenes of an epic storyline with a band of medieval misfits tasked with reclaiming the world from dark and ancient magic. Your characters are the balls—meeting new characters unlocks new sets of equipment and abilities!

eCheese Zone

Developed by Seemingly Pointless

eCheese Zone! A punishment party game, a digital escape room, an activity to yell at your friends about! Join others as you collectively struggle to follow basic directions and collaboratively uncover the mysteries of eCheese Zone, nice!

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Developed by Sketchbook Games, Fourth State

An atmospheric narrative adventure written by Rhianna Pratchett. Set between the pages of a diary and a fantasy story where you run on words and use them to interact with the world around you.

Spring Falls

Developed by SPARSE//GameDev

Spring Falls is a puzzle game about water, erosion, and watching things grow. Manipulate the landscape and bring wildflowers to life on a peaceful mountainside.

Wild Honesty: A party game for deeper conversations

Developed by That’s Not A Game LLC

A party game for deeper conversations where you’ll push the boundaries of friendships to be more emotionally open and vulnerable. Share thoughts, opinions, and feelings in a more meaningful, challenging, and mindful way. Be seen and heard for who you truly are, and build closer relationships.

Cannon Brawl

Developed by Theresa Duringer, Pete Andstadt

Cannon Brawl is action RTS and artillery hybrid. Pilot an airship, command powerful weapon emplacements and use the destructible terrain to out think and destroy your enemy! It’s a new take on artillery strategy!

Please, Touch The Artwork

Developed by Thomas Waterzooi

What happens when you DO touch the artwork? In this cozy puzzler with narrative, you’ll break the golden rule of museums and unravel the secret world behind iconic abstract art. Covering over 160 paintings, it’s an aesthetic journey to the origins of modern art, set to a soothing jazzy soundtrack.

6180 the moon

Developed by Turtle Cream, PokPoong Games

Simple space, dynamic jump. 6180 the moon offers a fresh, unseen game play style by connecting the top and bottom of the screen.

Letters – a written adventure

Developed by 5am Games GmbH

Letters is a fun word puzzle game about friendship, growing up and finding your place in life. Follow Sarah, a shy girl from Switzerland, by moving through her pen pal letters and chat messages. Use the power of words to solve riddles, interact with her friends and decide who she will grow up to be.

Sunless Sea

Developed by Failbetter Games

LOSE YOUR MIND. EAT YOUR CREW. DIE. Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown! Sunless Sea is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

Sunless Skies

Developed by Failbetter Games

SAIL THE STARS. BETRAY YOUR QUEEN. MURDER A SUN. Sunless Skies is a Gothic Horror roleplay game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling.

2064: Read Only Memories

Developed by MidBoss, LLC.

2064: Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk thriller that explores the social challenges of tomorrow through classic adventure gaming. A journalist-turned-detective teams up with Turing, the world’s first sapient machine, to unmask a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of Neo-San Francisco.



Developed by Alchemy Sheep

Happy hour has arrived! Become the NecroBouncer and toss out rowdy guests in a roguelike adventure through the nightclub dungeon. Raise the dead, discover hundreds of relics, ban enemies and gobble up their powers. It’s one hell of a good time!

Star Stuff

Developed by Ánimo Games Studio

A cosmic puzzle adventure about a young alien’s first day at a star factory. Explore thoughtful levels, code your own bots, and save the ever-expanding universe!

Flawless Abbey

Developed by Bed Head Games

Discover the enigmatic and delicate world of The Flawless Abbey. Journey through the lovingly hand-painted fairytale, navigate the Labyrinth Tower using the Musical Star-Key – and unveil the fragile secrets of the Abbey and its inhabitants.

Keep Me Posted

Developed by Blue Monarch Games

Deliver mail and get comfy in this warm, yet eldritch action-adventure game. Stamp out your foes, help out a friend, and save the forest before it’s too late!

Complex SKY

Developed by Complex Blue Studio

Complex SKY is a futuristic city building game with a unique architecture system – build the city both ways, up and down! The world is devastated by pollution, and it’s up to you to create a fully self-sustainable city in the skies, and populate it with human settlers.

Parkour Legends

Developed by Enter Grip

Chill yet challenging platformer with air-tight controls, inspired by the thrill of movement and momentum in free running. Sprint, slide, roll, rebound, grab ledges, and run across walls to complete hundreds of hand-crafted courses as quickly as possible (and find hidden collectibles along the way).

Unusual Findings

Developed by Epic Llama Games

Three friends uncover mysteries in the 1980s. Follow their amazing adventures in a game where your decisions really matter. Be prepared to spin like a record on your incredible journey back to the era of synthesizers, VHS Rental stores, 8 bits games and evil alien conspiracies.

Freaked Fleapit

Developed by Finch Bird Studio

Hell never looked this good! Save your soul in a wild cocktail of rhythm-based dungeon crawling and date sims, and dance your way through 9 circles of Hell to heart-pumping music. Which devilishly delicious lady of the Fleapit will be the one to join you on your trip out of Purgatory?


Developed by Folklore Games

Spiral is a third-person narratively driven exploration game sharing a poetic vision of cognitive degeneration seen from the inside. It tells the story of Bernard, a man who wishes goodbye one last time to the memories that built him from his early childhood to who he is today.

Relic Space

Developed by Fourfold Games

A turn-based, roguelike/RPG hybrid where you play an elite starship pilot, completing procedurally generated missions for your faction. Experience deeply simulated, hex-based ship-to-ship combat while uncovering an epic sci-fi storyline.

Fiasco Restoration and Repair

Developed by Fowl Machinations

Fiasco Restoration and Repair is a game about free-form art restoration without any of the proper tools or know how. The only resources available to you are those you can scavenge from the garage. Improvise solutions to complex problems, make mistakes, and restore the artwork no matter the cost!


Developed by Half Human Games

An epic action-adventure with tower defense combat! Dungeon crawl through a ruined kingdom, fending off hordes with turrets and traps! Punch them into pits! Pull them into spinblades! Zap and burn them!

Being and Becoming

Developed by Ichthys

Being & Becoming is an atmospheric metroidvania, set in a kingdom corrupted by a Collective Dream. Take on the role of the Lucid Dreamer, defeat and consume the souls of the corrupted, then use them as weapons to break the world free from endless slumber.

Iron Evil

Developed by Iron Evil Studio

A roguelite where you traverse a factory run by an evil corporation, equip yourself with the best of parts (that hardly have any defects!) and fight your way to the end. However, the parts you don’t equip the factory applies elsewhere…

39 Days to Mars

Developed by It’s Anecdotal

Embark on the 19th century’s most unreliable spaceship in this 2 player couch co-op adventure. 39 Days to Mars is a unique game designed to be played with a friend, where both players have important roles in the expedition. Solo players are aided by the computer-controlled ship’s cat.

Mini Matches

Developed by It’s Anecdotal

Mini Matches is a 1 to 4 player party game. Race, shoot, golf, jump, and compete with your friends across a series of frenetic rounds. Level up to unlock new characters and power up your abilities in the extensive upgrade tree.

Up to Par

Developed by It’s Anecdotal

Up to Par is a run-based roguelite minigolf game. Stay under par, or you’re out! Play solo or with up to 16 players through procedural levels, spend your spare shots to unlock abilities, and push your golf game to the limit across unique environments.


Developed by johnbell

ORX is a new take on the well-known tower defense genre, blending mechanics of popular deck building and tabletop games to create a truly unique experience. Grow your castle, expand your domain, and take a stand against hordes of green-skinned attackers!


Developed by Mega Power Games

DepowerBall is a competitive dragon feeding, friendship ruining party platformer. Be the first to feed the Dragon Queen and score points to win rounds. As you win rounds, the other players will even the odds by taking away your powers, forcing you to adapt your strategy…or get left behind.

Back to the Dawn

Developed by Metal Head Games

You were framed and incarcerated. Learn to survive in prison. Explore every inch and exploit any weakness. Manipulate and scheme. Make friends (or foes) with fellow inmates and with their help, break out of prison.

God-Machine – Shogun CyberMetal Arena

Developed by MNSTR Studio

Prepare for a mix of endurance-combat and arcade shooting game. Play against dangerous robots, cyborgs, and mutants, in rogue-like arenas that evolves as you fight. Are you brave and skilled enough to endure?

Hammer of Virtue

Developed by No Pest Productions

A hammer smashing action game with fully destructible levels. Use your hammer for combat or smash the environment to launch debris towards your enemy to create emergent and chaotic gameplay interactions in a wild adventure.

Cryptid Coffeehouse

Developed by nyewks

everyone’s heard of mothman– the moth creature that haunts the outskirts of point pleasant, west virginia– but no one’s heard of it like this! in some random idyllic midwestern town, you meet artemis (aka mothman) at your favorite coffee shop and begin an agonizingly slow burn romance with them.

Survival: Fountain of Youth

Developed by Odinsoft Inc.

Survival: Fountain of Youth is a challenging single-player open-world survival game set on the Caribbean islands. Survive as a shipwrecked 16th-century explorer, craft tools and shelter, and uncover the secrets of both an ancient civilization and your own fate.

Moons of Ardan

Developed by Pandora Technology

Moons of Ardan is a city-building and management game where you rebuild and expand your civilization across moons in a real-time simulated planetary system.

School of Magic

Developed by PartTimeIndie

School of Magic is a roguelike where each run provides a unique skilltree. Combine spells to create a build powerful enough to take down the hordes of enemies waiting for you. A magician always has to make the right decision, do you have what it takes?

Rollers of the Realm: Reunion

Developed by Phantom Compass

This sequel to Rollers of the Realm is an all new Pinball + RPG adventure! Take your quirky pinball heroes on a journey; flipping and bashing into enemies to collect loot and save the Realm. Then upgrade and take your pinball skills and strategies into Ranked boards to rule the Leaderboards.

Falling Out

Developed by PolyCrunch Games

FALLING OUT is a light-hearted roguelite platformer where you take control of an oddball couple who are on a holiday from hell. Work together as you navigate randomly generated temples all whilst dodging traps, slaying enemies and crafting weapons in an attempt to escape before the temple floods.


Developed by Rebelpug

In a future not too far away, humans are finally able to harvest food on alien planets. Embark on a new journey with your team of robots called Beebop 179. Build and manage a hydroponic farm, grow delicious plants and survive the mysterious challenges of outer space.


Developed by SEKTAHOUSE

A handcrafted point-and-click adventure about traveling through a town that appears ordinary… right up until revealing its surreal and twisted nature. You’ll encounter hidden agendas, lurking gods, and decisions that change the very nature of your journey in this mystery and SciFi fusion adventure.

Imagine Earth

Developed by Serious Bros.

In this sci-fi strategy sim you build up global civilizations on distant worlds. Harvest resources and produce goods to establish space trade. Form alliances or wage economic warfare to take over competing corporations. Do research to protect your colonists from disasters and avoid a climate crisis.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition

Developed by SIGONO INC.

Echo of Starsong is a visual novel style adventure game. Eda, a girl who can hear mysterious sound waves known as starsong, crosses paths with a young man in search of their source. Together, they venture out to the heart of space to unravel an ancient myth.

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Developed by SIGONO INC.

Rocket of Whispers is an award-winning post-apocalyptic adventure that follows two survivors on a journey to launch a space burial for the lost souls of their desolate world. Help them search the snowy wasteland for supplies and the courage to say goodbye.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

Developed by SIGONO INC.

Dive into the boundless galaxy and embark on an emotional adventure! Help little robot Emeth to fulfill a century-old promise by finding Earth in order to save Mankind—so step into the spaceship, operate a deep space telescope, and find out what’s out there in the unknown.

Vessels of Decay

Developed by Simon Jakobsson, Neon Artery

Vessels of Decay is a retro-inspired action-adventure set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. You’ll follow siblings Freja and Mud as they navigate an overgrown world, one where monsters of myth and ancient folklore now reign…

Ikonei Island

Developed by Snowcastle Games

Explore. Gather resources. Craft tools and gear, build your base, and farm the land. Thwart pirates, fight monsters, and befriend magical creatures. Embark on this wholesome adventure: Ikonei is yours to discover! Multiplayer coming soon!

Roots of Pacha

Developed by Soda Den

Be a part of a thriving stone age community. Discover “ideas,” domesticate crops, befriend animals, and contribute to the growth of your village. Play with friends in co-op or explore the early days of civilization in single-player.

Duppy Detective Tashia

Developed by Spritewrench

Help Tashia unravel the mystery of her stolen shadow in this choice-driven adventure based on Caribbean folklore!

First Dwarf

Developed by Star Drifters

If there’s one thing dwarves are better at than grooming their beards, it’s engineering. Jump into your mech, build a base and explore the crumbled fantasy world in this immersive action RPG.

Black Ice

Developed by Super Duper Garrett Cooper

Jack into cyberspace at lightspeed in this FPS looter/shooter. Play solo or in online co-op/pvp with up to 10 people. Hack megacorps, outmaneuver their AI defenses, and steal their procedural loot to customize your arsenal of synergistic weaponry. Think Borderlands meets Tron. Hack the planet!

Waves of Steel

Developed by TMA Games LLC

Waves of Steel is a build-your-own-warship arcade naval combat simulator. Face menacing enemy fleets and bizarre superweapons in a story-driven campaign, collect new equipment from your foes’ sinking wrecks, and customize your ship! If you like warships but wish they could kickflip, this is for you.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Developed by Trese Brothers

A tactical heist RPG, in an original cyberpunk setting ten years in the making. Build your team of hackers, mercs and malcontents wisely; their stories will become interwoven with your own. Use powerful cyberware, shady connections, stealth, hacking and more to rise in the neon-soaked future.

Star Traders: Frontiers

Developed by Trese Brothers

You are the captain of a starship venturing through a massive open universe. Customize your crew and take command at the helm of your very own ship as you explore a galaxy torn apart by internal strife, alien threats, and political intrigue.

Turbo Overkill

Developed by Trigger Happy Interactive

Apogee (Duke, Prey, Max) brings you our latest killer anti-hero, Johnny Turbo, who’s cleaning up Paradise, a cyber city seized by the galaxy’s most advanced AI, Midjourney… umm, we mean Syn. Ep. 2 has new levels, weapons and augments like the Spidey-like grappling hook. Oh, and a chainsaw bike.


Developed by Whim Independent Studios

Spellbearers is a top-down, 2D, twin stick shooter inspired by “Super Smash TV”. Battle against hordes of magical enemies to liberate the rulers of three kingdoms that have been overtaken by dark forces. With staff in hand, do you have what it takes to uphold the title of The Spellbearer?

Rose and Locket

Developed by Whistling Wizard

Rose, a retired outlaw, wanders through the spirit realm of the Underwest. Take up the once-forgotten skills of the gunslinger, and journey along the breathtaking, cinematic hand-painted landscapes on a quest to rescue your daughter’s spirit.

Orten Was the Case

Developed by Woodhill Interactive

Orten Was The Case – A Groundhog day in “Orten”. Control Ziggy who’s stuck in a time loop and uncover millenia-old mysteries in the caves and tunnels deep down below Orten, a suburb to a fictional Swedish metropolis.

Quit Today

Developed by YOHCAN Co., Ltd.

“QuitToday” is a beat ‘em up game around the workplace theme. You will step into an epic resignation adventure and kick your colleagues’ asses.

Slay the Princess

Developed by Black Tabby Games

You’re here to slay the princess. Don’t believe her lies.

Scarlet Hollow

Developed by Black Tabby Games

Coal mines sealed off after a deadly collapse. Strange creatures preying on livestock. Houses infested with vengeful spirits. The sleepy town of Scarlet Hollow has come alive with horrors, just in time for your arrival. You only have to survive a week. But you may not make it out in one piece.

The Immaculate Drag

Developed by Discrete Infinity

A small game about letting go. Stay up late. Smoke cigarettes. Talk to strangers. Think about what you’ve lost. Someone you used to love? Or someone you used to be?

Mask of the Rose

Developed by Failbetter Games

A marvellous romance with a hint of murder. Lose your heart to a stolen city in this game of amorous intrigue! Seek love, for yourself or your friends. Help a murdered man find justice. And watch out for the bats.

Rogue Command

Developed by feneq

Rogue Command is a classic real-time strategy game fused with modern roguelike deckbuilding. Collect resources, build a base, assemble an evolving deck full of powerful combos, and push back the ravaging robots in this ever-changing single player experience.


Developed by Gentle Giant

Spiritfall is a fast-paced Action Roguelite with combat inspired by Platform Fighters. Slash, smash, launch, and wall-splat a multitude of enemies using an ever-changing arsenal of divine powers.

Haiku the Robot

Developed by Mister Morris Games

Delve into the depths of a mechanical world in this cute, adventure-exploration game. Explore and fight in a land full of corrupt robots and machinery. All while seeking answers to the mysteries around you.

Rocket Rumble

Developed by PixelNAUTS Games

Rocket Rumble is a 4 player party racing brawler where crossing the finish line first isn’t the only goal! Smash your way through action-packed tracks, earning points along the way. Earn the most to win! Plus with procedurally generated obstacles in every track, you’ll never know what’s coming up!

Zodiac Legion

Developed by Studio Draconis

Zodiac Legion is a turn-based tactical RPG where you take command of an arcane chivalric order. Expand your potential in this world of reawakening magic. Develop your stronghold, research astral powers, and lead your champions in combat against demonic hosts and their ill-starred masters.


Developed by Summitsphere

ANTONBLAST is an explosive, action-packed retro platformer featuring a destructive twist to classic gameplay and a lovingly hand-animated pixel aesthetic inspired by the Game Boy Advance, blown up and reimagined for the modern era!

ANNO: Mutationem

Developed by ThinkingStars

ANNO: Mutationem is an action-adventure game with RPG elements set in a cyberpunk world, featuring a unique mix of pixelated 2D & 3D graphic style with a rich, dark and bizarre plot.

PuPu’s Adventure Park

Developed by 西梅树工作室

Build an Adventure Park from the ground up! The PuPu clan had just rented a new “playground” from the Dark Goblins. Manage the park, construct park facilities, and grow your clan to serve the expansion of the Park for “hero” customers summoned from other planets!

Nonmember – Alumni – Alumni Game

And Yet It Moves

Developed by Broken Rules

And Yet It Moves is a puzzle-platformer, set in a unique world, made of ripped paper. Within the paper-collage you can jump, run and last but certainly not least: rotate the world. Learn how to apply the physical consequences of rotation to master the many tricky situations you may encounter.

Old Man’s Journey

Developed by Broken Rules

Old Man’s Journey, a soul-searching puzzle adventure, tells a story of life, loss, and hope. Interacting with the world around you, you’ll shape the landscape to create the old man’s path forward. Experience heartache and hope as you embark on a heartfelt journey through a sunkissed world.


Developed by DrinkBox Studios

Guacamelee! is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer set in a magical Mexican-inspired world. The game draws its inspiration from traditional Mexican culture and folklore, and features many interesting and unique characters.


Developed by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past fifteen years — completely reinventing the genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won’t forget.

The Bridge

Developed by Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

The Bridge is a logic puzzle game that forces you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective. It is Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures.

RPG Time: The legend of Wright

Developed by 株式会社デスクワークス

It’s time for an adventure! Once classes are over, RPG Time begins! Game master Kenta’s notebook holds a handwritten RPG made just for you.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099

Developed by Fictorama Studios

Spy on strangers through security cameras, invade their privacy and discover their secrets in this digital voyeur simulator. Welcome to the future of The Primate Observation Club. Even in 2099 the rule about messing with your unlucky subjects still remains in this sequel: DO NOT feed the monkeys!

Hero Generations: ReGen

Developed by Heart Shaped Games LLC

An innovative Roguelike / 4X Strategy game where every turn is one year of your life. Explore, find a mate, and raise a child before you die to build a great legacy. ReGen is an amazing complete remake, redesigned, re-imagined, and packed with 100s of new features.

We Are The Caretakers

Developed by Heart Shaped Games LLC

We Are The Caretakers is a 3D grand strategy RPG set in a post-apocalyptic afrofuturist world. Recruit, upgrade & manage a secret faction of 100 high-tech protectors to defend the endangered creatures you rely on. Confront a mysterious alien ship as the massive energy barrier protecting Shadra falls.


Developed by 13AM Games

Runbow, and all its 9-player madness, is now on Steam!With tons of competitive modes for up to 9 players–locally and online–and a massive Single Player Adventure, Runbow is the crazy, colour-based platformer you’ve been waiting for.


Developed by Lance, 3-50

Catch a wave in this smooth sound-surfing platformer: Let ethereal tunes carry you fluidly through serene abstract landscapes, tune into soothing sound spheres and revel in a meditative journey of life.

Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut

Developed by Necrophone Games

Jazzpunk is a comedy adventure set in an alternate reality Cold War World, plagued with corporate espionage, CyberCrime, and sentient martinis. Gameplay is inspired by spoof comedy films and cartoons of yesteryear, with a focus on weird gadgets, exotic locales, and open-world style

Treachery in Beatdown City

Developed by Nuchallenger, HurakanWorks

Explore an urban dystopia, meet awful people, and use an all new beat ’em up system infused with RPG/tactics/wrestling mechanics to make them think twice about picking a fight! Pick your fighter, build custom STRIKE and GRAPPLE combos, and knock out your enemies, all to save the president.


Developed by Pillow Castle

Perception is reality. In this mind-bending first-person puzzler, you escape a surreal dream world through solving impossible puzzles using the ambiguity of depth and perspective.

Floppy Knights

Developed by Rose City Games

Meet the Floppy Knights: tangible projections summoned from floppy disks! Tactics fuse with card game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor & her robot-arm bestie, square off in turn-based battles. Select your Knights, hone your deck, and execute your strategy for victory!

Wheels of Aurelia

Developed by Santa Ragione

A narrative road trip game set in the roaring Italian 70s, it tells the story of Lella, a restless woman driving on the roads of the western coast of Italy, the famous “Via Aurelia”.

Luxuria Superbia

Developed by Tale of Tales

Luxuria Superbia is a colorful, musical journey made to fill you with joy. Exciting designs explode from your touch as you glide through playful stylized flowers. It’s all about the experience and the interaction.


Developed by Thomas Bowker

Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul. Connect the shapes. Fill the board. Lose yourself in the interflowing paths of LYNE.

Rain on Your Parade

Developed by Unbound Creations

Travel the world as a cute cardboard cloud and ruin everybody’s day! Unlock new methods of mischief in over 50 levels, each with unique setting and objectives. This is an adorable schadenfreude simulator!

Rogue Legacy 2

Developed by Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy 2 is what you’d get if you mashed Rogue Legacy and a sequel together. Every time you die, your children will succeed you, and each child is unique. Your daughter might be a Colourblind Archer, and your son could be a Pacifistic Chef. Either way, one of them is getting conscripted.

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