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AAA is for Activism

A. M. Darke speaks on how to design games for social impact around three core tenets: agency, accountability, and accessibility. Agency: Defined here as strategies to increase freedom for marginalized bodies. Accountability: How we should think about our own privilege when depicting communities that we are not apart of, whether it’s our place to tell those stories, and how to do so in collaboration with the communities who are impacted by our work. Accessibility: Work that is informed by the experiences of a particular community should work for (and be accessible to) that community. Activist work should meet people where they’re at and actively work to address folks in everyday terms. In other words, it’s not enough to take marginalized stories and present them to a privileged audience in privileged spaces. If the strength of your work is built on the bodies of the oppressed, those communities should be able to engage with the work, both in terms of logistics, technology, culture, and language.

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