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For SCIENCE! – Game Design as a Science

This session will cover the concept of iterative design using the scientific method as a base. While games are indeed an art form, the process of creating them and designing for them can and should follow a scientific workflow. I would like to cover the concept of looking at Game Design as a science and how looking at the creative process of making games through this lens can enhance a game’s design and design workflow. A designer’s job on a team can be under-estimated especially on newer teams that are just starting out (for example: student work). This talk will illustrate what goes into a good design process and how following the scientific method can give new designers a template for success. “For SCIENCE!” will take participants through a mini game project following this method. This will include asking the question, the research, forming of a hypothesis, the testing process, communicating results and revising the hypothesis based on them. Though some may believe the scientific method may hinder creative freedom, this talk will aim to show that that is not necessarily true and that you can be both creative and scientific in your approach to make work that is both artistic and “proven”. Participants in the talk will experience this method first hand to show how this approach can promote creative freedom but also allows for informed design decisions and a process that designers can continually learn from through iteration.

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